Why are my projects loading slowly?

In Conojo, projects will load slowly if you have uploaded large number of images, screens, files or videos to the project. Of course, this will depend on the type of the project. If it is a video project, you might have loaded a large number of videos to it. If it is a UI/UX project, then you might have loaded a large number of images to it.

The speed of the internet that you are using may also determine the speed at which your project is loaded. Of course, you will not compare a 3G to a 4G network as the latter will always be faster.

To maintain the quality of the images that you upload, we don’t compress them. Conojo makes use of the exact images that you upload. This means that the images might be quite large.

To ensure that your projects load quickly and easily, compress your images before uploading them to your project. There are numerous software available which can be used for the purpose of compression such as tinypng.com for PNGs. You should also try to limit the number of screens that you upload to a prototype if possible.

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