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Conojo is a Prototyping and Collaboration tool for helping project developers to start and finish their projects on the web. Users can make use of this tool so as to create projects of different types, including the Video Projects, UI/UX projects and the strategy storyboard projects. Files of different types can be uploaded to a Conojo project. Team members for a project can be added and managed effectively. Sharing of these files amongst the team members of a project is also supported in Conojo. Conojo software is extremely easy to use for everyone, including first time users. When working on a particular project, it is good for one to monitor its activities in real-time. Conojo lets you monitor the activities of your project on the go. You should know how to use this software for easy management of your projects. It is easy for anyone to learn how to use it since there are no complexities which are associated with it.

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